International Raw Food Day

International Raw Food Day is happening on Saturday 11th July 2015.

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I used the Go Raw for a Day ebook and my husband and I both went raw for a day!!! The green smoothie is so alive!!! We both loved the food, and have so much energy, and we’re amazed that we’re not starving all day! Thank you!!!!!
– Aurelia Andrews Joslyn –

I have been going towards raw more and more every day, and I just love how it makes me feel! Even my husband loves it, and has said he wants to do this as a lifestyle! I have had multiple health problems, and I love watching them disappear as I use food as medicine!
– Abigail Callahan –

After going raw for a couple of days, I have decided to make it a permanent lifestyle. My blood sugar is stabilized for the first time in years and I have had to reduce my insulin. Thanks for the wonderful information and guidance!
– Lynda LaFon –

I went raw for a day, it was awesome. I also made a raw dinner for my husband and he ate it without complaining! I could be onto something here… :)
– Mary Nelson –


Feel the difference. See the difference. LIVE the difference.